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Living in such uncertain times, when considering any home improvement, it’s almost a minefield on where to begin. Many people consider the bathroom and kitchen and often overlook other high-value areas!
Obviously, there are some crucial factors to consider such as your budget and whether it’s the right option for you, in the sense that are you going to be living there for much longer? However, the most fundamental question on most people’s minds is what home improvements provide the most value to the property when it comes to selling it?

Full House Sliding Sash


Loft conversions

  • First and foremost, let’s begin with the upgrade that most people consider to be the king of the home improvement category – the loft conversion. Our number one pick and recommendation for anyone with the budget, or perhaps someone who hasn’t delved into any home improvement projects before, as, on average, it adds 13% to the value of a standard 3-bedroom house.
  • Giving you a whole new bedroom, or even a personal space like a home office to do with as you please, the average return on investment (ROI) is 70%! This is your safest bet if you have the cash flow because you’re retaining most of your initial investment. Although, be aware that this isn’t an option if you have a strict budget, as loft conversions on average cost £40,000 depending on the size of course.

stairs leading to loft conversion

How much value do bifold doors add?

  • Moving on to my next pick – bifold doors! Bifold doors are fantastic because they can span many metres across a wall in either direction or even in corners to create open plan environments. They also tend to make properties sell easier, as they create a much more fluid environment, as well as making it easier on the eye for potential buyers.
  • With that said because they are made from numerous amounts of large panes of glass which allow plenty of natural light into your room they do come at a cost and can be anywhere in the region between £1,500 – £6,000, again dependent on size and material as they come in uPVC for cheaper options or aluminium as a more premium option. However, because they are so sought after you can see an addition of 5-10% on your property; definitely a worthwhile choice in my eyes!Liniar Aluminium Bifold

Do glazed extensions add value?

  • Another good option to consider, especially with everyone having to adapt to a pandemic lifestyle, is to install a small extension within a garden area.
  • Setting up an extra space to be used as a home office seems to be a means to an end for some people now and is definitely growing in popularity with new buyers!
  • On average, adding a glazed extension will set you back around £8,000. There are so many options to choose from, with many people opting for summer houses or leisure spaces. Available in double glazing or triple glazing choice definitely worth considering, as a quality glazed extension can add up to 5-15% onto your property’s value.Large Conservatory

How much value does kerb appeal improvements add?

  • The last point worth mentioning is to keep on top of your home’s kerb appeal. At some point you’ll need to sell up and people are often easily put off if they see any structural defects such as loose tiles or damaged windows and doors. You don’t want potential buyers to start wondering if there are any further issues hidden away, as this can lead to you being driven down on your asking price, hindering your profits further. Small things such as repairing broken guttering or repainting feature points on the exterior of the house can do wonders.

Front view of brick house with uPCV windows and doors

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