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Security and Durability

It is a common misconception that uPVC doors are the most durable in the market. In comparison to wood they will last longer however fall behind the mark of the life span of composite doors which are capable of lasting 30 years minimum. uPVC on the other hand can last up to 30 but only if the required upkeep and minimal maintenance is achieved whereas composite can withstand the test of time far more easily.

Far superior to uPVC doors, composite doors mimic the effects of aluminium and timber doors in terms of strength, and this is due to the fact they are two times thicker and are compromised of a polyurethane core which is essentially rock solid.

All of our composite doors as well as uPVC doors deliver exceptional security by incorporating multi-point locking systems from Yale. Accredited by Secured by Design, Yale locks are a top favourite and approved by insurance companies.

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Which holds the most value for money?

Where many people opt for uPVC doors because of the comparatively lower price tag; it is an often-overlooked fact of how well will my door hold up over time? You can guarantee you get your moneys worth when investing in our Solidor composite doors due to their insulated chambers, they will be more energy efficient and save you more money as time goes on in comparison to uPVC doors.

Alongside this fact, you will need to replace a uPVC door far sooner than a composite one due to its reduced shelf life. If you’re looking to capitalise on your investment whilst provide improved structural integrity to your home, get in touch with the Homebrite team to discuss your options further or try out or Solidor door designer to see how your dream door could look.

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Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly Composite doors throughout the South East

Composite doors revolutionised the way we thought about entrance doors. Sustainably sourced and recycled where possible, composite doors are an amalgamation of materials and provide some of the strongest doors on the market; having been rigorously tested to withstand intense physical pressure.

Able to last a minimum of 30 years and fit into many budgets, composite doors are an excellent modern alternative to timber doors that boast outstanding energy performance to boot. Capable of saving hundreds of pounds over the course of a year in energy bills, our doors provide remarkable U-values between 1.5-1.6 W/m2K, ensuring energy is retained within a property instead of being lost.

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Intuitively designed uPVC Doors in Maidstone

From entrance doors to back doors and everything in between, our uPVC doors are fantastic for their versatility. Available with sculptured frames or chamfered frames, both suitable for period homes or for those within a budget, uPVC can be a great way to transform your living area without breaking the bank. All our uPVC products come in a range of 50 colours and finishes with optional decorative glass effects available too! So, no matter the task, it will be easy to create an effect to match your property’s style.

Additionally, you could also consider letting some light in with our sliding patio doors or French doors, which can be installed in an variety of opening configurations; at Homebrite we aim to make your aspirations a reality.

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Innovative and bespoke doors installations across Kent

As certified CERTASS installers, the Homebrite team are capable of carrying out any project and truly care about quality. If you are thinking of upgrading your doors, why not get in touch with our friendly professionals for a free no-obligation quote that is as bespoke as the job itself. We offer various other home improvements as well, so no matter what your ideas may be, let us make them a reality.

If you have any other burning questions or would like more information give us a call on 0800 677 1211 to book a showroom appointment or contact us online.