When you mention a conservatory in this modern-day and age there are too many connotations to the old and dated, yellow, poorly ventilated conservatories that were either too hot or too cold and had no happy medium and served very little purpose as a room within a home. At Homebrite, we are looking to right these wrongs and eliminate this stereotype as there is now a large variety of conservatories available now; they can be a cost-effective way of gaining an extension, introducing more natural light into your home, and increasing your property value.

Conservatory blinds in Maidstone

One way to manage your heat loss on top of the various glazing options we provide  is by installing blinds within your conservatory. Far more fashionable than curtains and allow levels of natural light in at the same time, blinds are capable of prevent heat escaping and prevent the build-up of moisture. An excellent cost-effective solution to warming up you conservatory.

white conservatory blinds behind plant


Underfloor heating across Ashford

Make the most of your conservatory and eliminate wasted space with underfloor heating. By laws of convection heat naturally rises and underfloor heating is a subtle yet superb way of warming up your conservatory, making it a cosy relaxing space in the wintery months. Worried about increased energy bills? Underfloor heating runs independently to your central heating and will end up being cheaper to run, so fret not!

installation of underfloor heating in conservatory

Tiled conservatory roofing throughout Faversham

Tiled conservatory roofs have revolutionised homeowner’s homes in recent years and its easy to see why they have raised the conceptual bar in the conservatory market. Offering the traditional aesthetics associated with an extension while providing overwhelming thermal efficiency without being an eyesore on your property. Bespoke and tailored to your homes requirements, get in touch with a member of our professional team for more advice.

Conservatory styles across Kent

Edwardian Conservatories in Sittingbourne

This versatile conservatory choice that will compliment contemporary and traditional architectural styles. Ideal for maximising space whilst flooding your room with natural light.

Edwardian Conservatory

Victorian Conservatories throughout Dartford

Featuring an opulent bay focal point finished with ornate furnishings, our Victorian Conservatories add an element of sophistication to any period property. Fashionable, yet traditional, a timeless piece for any discerning homeowner

Victorian Conservatory

Lean to Conservatoires across Orpington

Craving an extended space on your property but lack the budget? Our range of high-performance lean-to conservatories provide just the solution. Typically, square or rectangular these conservatories are an excellent choice for homeowners where space is limited that is sure to suit any property style.

Lean to

P-shaped Conservatories from Homebrite in Sevenoaks

Tailored to your specifications, our range of P-shaped conservatories masterfully combine the classical aesthetics of Victorian Conservatories  with the conventional aspects of  lean to conservatories. A sublime solution for homeowners looking to maximise space whilst retaining elegant stylings.

P-Shaped Conservatory

Conservatory Installer Specialists throughout London and Kent

Our team of experts at Homebrite Windows install an outstanding range of conservatories from Gable-end conservatories to Loggia conservatories and everything in between. Get in touch with a member of our team for a free quote on 0800 677 1211 and we’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible. For further enquiries leave us an email at sales@homebritewindows.co.uk.

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