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Durable Roofline Solutions in Maidstone & Kent

Maintaining your homes' roof & guttering will protect the structure from any damage that could occur due to the weather.Protective, low maintenance and durable, Homebrite roofline solutions helps your property’s true potential to shine through.

What is a Roofline and How Does It Protect Your Home?

The term 'roofline' describes 4 of the most important features of your home’s roof; fascias, soffits, bargeboards, and guttering. Each one has its own unique way of protecting the property’s structural integrity. So, no matter what the weather, your roofline will protect against the wind and rain, as well as moisture, damp, rot, rust, and insects.

Cutting-edge materials, classic stylings

Committed to delivering high performance roofline of the highest quality, our innovative roofline solutions are made by leading PVC-UE manufacturers Freefoam Building Products.
  • Roofline FAQ
  • Key Features
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  • Roofline FAQ

    What are fascias?

    The fascia board runs along the length of the roof, underneath the guttering. The purpose of the fascia board is to block the join between the roof and the walls, to protect the roof and the interior from moisture. Freefoam fascias also provide a smooth, balanced finish along the roof’s edge.

    What are soffits?

    Usually visible from street level, the soffit board sits underneath the fascia board. The purpose of the soffit board is to protect the rafters and roof eaves from the elements, whilst providing essential ventilation. Allowing the air to flow freely around the roof space dramatically reduces the risk of condensation forming and damaging the structure.

    What are bargeboards?

    Bargeboards are used at the gable end of a house, the triangular upper part of the wall at the end of a ridged roof. Similar to fascia boards, their purpose is to conceal the exposed ends of the horizontal timbers of the roof. Strengthening and protective, Freefoam bargeboards also give the roof an essential decorative finish.

    What are guttering systems used for?

    Easily recognised, guttering directs rainwater away from the building to protect the foundation. Freefoam guttering systems feature a special inner layer to prevent creaking and leaking.

    Is cladding good or bad?

    If you’re looking for an effective way to protect your property’s walls from weather damage, quality Freefoam cladding could be the answer. For those that are energy-aware, cladding also provides fantastic insulative benefits. Improving the overall look of a property comes as standard with cladding installed by Homebrite.

    Key Features

    Pure Protection

    Utilising cutting-edge uPVC with long-life compressible seals and watertight joints, whatever the weather, Freefoam roofline solutions installed by Homebrite are guaranteed to protect your home far into the future.

    Long Lasting Style

    Our refined Freefoam roofline solutions keep your home looking the best it can possibly be, for as long as it possibly can. Market leaders in colour and quality, obtain a 10-year guarantee on colour roofline products and a 50-year Lifetime Extended Guarantee option on white Freefoam products.

    Conveniently Low Maintenance

    Once we’ve replaced your roofline, virtually no maintenance is required for the foreseeable future. Sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your roofline will not fade, discolour, or rot as it ages.

    Guaranteed Quality

    Peace of mind comes naturally with Homebrite, as all our roofline installations carry a 10-year insurance backed guarantee and exceed current building regulations.

    Setting ourselves apart from double glazing companies in Maidstone and Kent, in the highly unlikely event that your new roofline fails in its duty, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

    Colour Options

    Colour Options

    From classic white to life-like wood effect finishes, a perfect finish is guaranteed with Freefoam roofline solutions installed by Homebrite.

    White, black, brown, Pale Gold, Sable, Storm Grey, Dark Grey and Anthracite Grey.


    Custom Made To Fit Your Dream Home Improvement

    Available in a range of sizes, colours, and styles, choose from 5 fantastic fascia styles; Square Leg, Ogee, Bullnose, Square Edge and Flat.

    From traditionally styled Ogee fascia systems to a modern full-house overhaul, we are confident that our low maintenance, long lasting roofline solutions will fulfil your requirements – best price, first time.

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    Installing double glazing could considerably reduce energy consumption, helping to reduce energy bills & saving money.

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    Safe & Secure

    Our glazing has provided countless South East homes with exceptional security, without compromising on character & kerb appeal.

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    10 Year Guarantee

    All Homebrite installations carry a 10-year insurance backed guarantee & exceed current building regulations.


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