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If your windows are becoming cloudy, misty, damaged or worn, they may need replacing. When windows aren't working at their best, it can affect your energy efficiency and potentially your home security. Having a double glazing glass replacement can help to trap heat in your home, prevent condensation build-up, and keep your property secure. Not to mention, you won't have such an obscured view through the glass if you struggle with misting. If you think you might need replacement double or triple glazing, get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.
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  • Types of Window Replacement
  • Types of Window Replacement

    Types of Window Replacement We Offer

    Below you can see the different types of window and glazing replacement services we carry out.

    Casement windows

    A popular option, we can fit popular casement windows to enhance the look of your property with ease. Secure, easy to fit, and customisable, casement windows are fitted with hinges at the sides and can be installed as either single windows or in pairs.

    Casement windows are a common choice because they have expansive opening properties that allow for the maximum amount of airflow into the property. You can choose from contemporary aluminium casement windows, or uPVC with a wooden effect that’s classic and timeless. Our thermally-sound casement windows are made by Liniar (uPVC), and Smart’s (aluminium).

    Flush sash windows

    Known for their smooth finish, and their tightly flush fitting into the window frame itself, flush sash windows are ideal for older properties, as they draw on designs from pre-1932 timber joinery. Flush sash windows give you modern performance, but a traditional look.

    Tailored to your exact specifications, you can opt for uPVC flush sash windows, or slimline aluminium flush sash windows. Our flush sash windows are manufactured by market leaders Liniar (uPVC) and Smart’s (aluminium). If you’re interested in specialist 19th-century flush sash timber windows, browse our superior Residence 9 window collection.

    Sliding sash windows

    Sliding sash windows are traditional in style, and are common in many Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian buildings across the UK. Sliding sash windows consist of two movable panels that slide up and down independently of each other, courtesy of an innovative balanced load mechanism.

    Traditional finishing touches often include separating the other panes with classic glazing bars that marry with the era of the building to add character and kerb appeal. Sliding sash windows are known for providing good ventilation, security and weatherproofing. Our thermally sound uPVC vertical sliders are manufactured by leading sash window brand, Victorian Sliders.


    Tilt and turn windows

    Tilt and turn windows provide a modern and functional window style that suits any kind of home. They can be especially useful for homes with limited window access – such as high-rise buildings or windows that are positioned in hard-to-reach places. They tilt on a 90° angle, which boosts ventilation without compromising on space.

    They open fully inwards, making tilt and turn windows easier to clean than other window styles. Choose from uPVC or aluminium styles. Our tilt and turn windows are energy efficient, and manufactured by market leaders Liniar (uPVC) and Smart’s (aluminium).

    Residence windows collection

    Combining modern technology and requirements for thermal efficiency, durability and noise reduction with classic 19th-century styling, our Residence 9 Windows are a luxurious option for any home. Adding character to newer homes, or replicating older styles, Residence 9 Windows hinge at the side and open in a similar way to a casement window.

    Available in modern, heritage and bespoke designs, R9 windows from Homebrite can be tailored to fit your needs and preferences. Our R9 windows are of the highest quality and performance, are thermally sound and manufactured by market leaders The Residence Collection.

    Bathroom window replacement

    We can carry out bathroom window replacements at any property. Bathroom windows often suffer the most with condensation, so they often take on more damage as a result. Condensation can take its toll on wooden windows in particular. The installation of extractor fans and replacement uPVC frames can help with this. Tilt and turn window styles are a great option for replacement bathroom windows, as they can be fully opened to allow moisture and steam out of a room, while still ensuring security and privacy.

    Casement windows are another option, opening either inwards or outwards to allow more airflow. All of our bathroom windows come in a variety of styles and colours, including uPVC and aluminium. You can also choose whether to have double or triple glazing installed in your bathroom windows, and all of our bathroom windows have the option for privacy glass in a range of frostings, textures, and patterns.

    Conservatory window replacement

    Controlling the temperature in a conservatory is one of the biggest challenges, and it all depends on the quality of your glass and window installation. If you need replacement windows for your conservatory because it’s becoming too hot in summer and too cold in winter, we can help.

    We can work with many different sizes, shapes and types of conservatory window, to ensure that you can enjoy your conservatory for many years to come.

    Double glazing glass replacement

    To replace your current glass with double glazing, it requires the installation of two glass panes that are separated by a gas-filled or sealed air space. This design helps the windows to be more energy efficient, improving insulation and noise reduction, and enhancing security for your home.

    Before replacement, we’ll take a thorough assessment of your existing windows, take measurements, and identify any issues to help you make an informed decision. We can give you advice on the kinds of window options available to you, including glass types, frame options and style preferences.

    Our skilled technicians will ensure ultimate precision, to replace your former glass with the new double glazing all without disturbing the current frame (unless you want the frame replaced as well). All of our double glazing glass replacements come with a warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

    From improved heating and comfort in your home, to enhanced security and lower heating bills, our team can give you new double glazing windows to enhance the feel and look of your property.

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    double georgian with glass panels
    Triple Glazing

    Triple glazing replacement glass

    Like double glazing, triple glazing is a window technology designed to enhance insulation, reduce energy consumption, and improve comfort in buildings. Triple glazing involves panes that have three layers of glass (instead of two), with gaps in between. These gaps are filled with insulating gas, such as argon or krypton, to improve insulation and reduce heat transfer. Triple glazed windows are even more effective than double glazing at trapping heat in the home (helping to reduce energy bills).

    Each glass pane typically has a low emissivity coating – a thin, virtually invisible layer that reflects heat radiation back into the room. This enhances energy efficiency by preventing heat from escaping during cold weather, while regulating room temperature in hotter months. The multiple glass layers and gas-filled gaps in triple glazing also contribute to better noise insulation, making it ideal for people living in busy or noisy areas.

    Just like any replacement project, we’ll take a thorough assessment of your existing windows. The assessment helps determine the suitability of triple glazing for your specific needs. We’ll take you through appropriate triple glazing options, including glass type, coatings, and frame materials. These choices will be tailored to your energy efficiency goals, budget and aesthetic preferences. Your old windows will be removed, and new triple glazing units carefully installed with an airtight and watertight fit. Just like our double glazed windows, our triple glazing also comes with a warranty for peace of mind.

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    Signs your windows or glass need replacing

    Check for these warning signs, as they could indicate that your windows need replacing:

    Condensation forming between panes

    If you have condensation between your window panes, this could indicate that the seals on your double glazing have deteriorated. This deterioration can lead to the escape of gas between the panes, which lowers their thermal efficiency. If this problem is left unresolved, this moisture issue can lead to other problems, potentially necessitating the replacement of your windows.

    Mould growth

    As the glazing seals degrade, a combination of air and moisture can cause condensation to form within the glass, eventually leading to the growth of mould. Mould not only harms your windows, (especially timber frames), but can also pose health risks over time.

    Draughts around the frame

    Sensing a chilly draft blasting through your window is a clear signal that your weather seals require replacement. Faulty weather seals permit both water and air to infiltrate your home while allowing precious heat to escape.

    Challenges with opening and closing windows

    Windows that become challenging to open and close are typically the result of damaged hinges, handles, or frames. Sometimes, these issues can also be a result of debris obstructing the window’s proper closure.

    Deterioration of hinges, handles and glass

    Over the course of time, window hinges may succumb to rust, handles can break or loosen, and glass may develop cracks. These problems not only compromise security but also diminish energy efficiency, making your home more susceptible to weather-related damage.

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    What causes condensation and how to prevent it

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    We can offer window replacement for a range of different window and conservatory types throughout Kent and surrounding areas. Get in touch for a quote or to find out more about the services we offer.

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