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Home Security

The SAC Shootbolt is a locking mechanism that has a unique design, providing homeowners with maximum protection when it comes to home security. Improving on the industry standard shootbolt technology, this eight point locking system has strategically placed shootbolts which eliminate common vulnerabilities with double glazing windows and triple glazing windows.

All Round Protection

Potential intruders will target vulnerable areas of the double glazing windows such as the corners, sash edges, handles and hinges. The ingenious design of the SAC Shootbolt locking mechanism eradicates these vulnerabilities with a system that protects every edge of the sash, improving security performance along with weatherproofing capabilities.

Unlike the Grablock which focuses on the leading edge of the sash, opposite the hinges, the innovative SAC Shootbolt system has a unique corner design. The Grablock system only concentrates on securing a single edge of the window sash, whereas the SAC Shootbolt system provides a uniform level of protection which is distributed across all four sides.

More Contact Area

Although the Grablock has three times the surface area compared to standard shootbolts, the impressive SAC Shootbolt mechanism has 400% more contact with the keep. When combined with the unique anti-slip and lock details on the head, as well as the lock-out design which incorporates the full depth of the eurogroove, maximum security is achieved.

Not only does this state of the art window locking mechanism provide immense protection from intruders, but the intelligent design also relieves pressure from the hinges. This extends the lifespan of your double glazing windows, ensuring that the quality of functionality and weatherproofing does not diminish quickly over time.

Stringent Testing

The Supaglide gearing is tested to exceed over 30 years of heavy use, which is equivalent to 100,000 cycles. This clever locking mechanism has surpassed the rigorous testing involved in achieving BS7950 British Standards of security. It is this high standard of quality that has resulted in this locking system being approved by the police backed Secured by Design scheme.

Find Out More

Our fantastic selection of uPVC windows are protected with the groundbreaking SAC Shootbolt locking mechanism, providing homeowners with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your family and home are secure. For more information on our double glazing locking mechanisms contact us today. Alternatively, you get a free double glazing quote with our online quoting engine.