Energy Effcient Window

Are you using more energy than you need? When the cold winter months roll in, you are more likely to use more energy to heat your home which results in a higher bill. All homes are subject to heat loss so it is up to us to make our properties as energy efficient as possible.

Home Is Where The Heat Is

As much as 20% of energy loss from a typical home can be attributed to ineffective external windows and doors. Triple glazing eliminates draughts, improving your home’s energy saving capabilities. Investing in triple glazing means you will be relying less on heating alone to warm your property.

Those with triple glazing are able to heat their property for shorter periods of time, reducing their monthly outgoings and saving money long term. This means you become less dependent on your heating.

A Warmer And More Comfortable Home

Maintain a comfortable temperature whatever the weather with triple glazing from Homebrite. The demand for a warmer, more efficient home has never been higher, with 8 out of 10 of our installations now in triple glazing.

The thermal efficiency of a triple glazed unit ensures that cold spots are eliminated and outside noise levels reduced. Specifically designed to contribute towards a warmer and quieter home, triple glazing provides maximum comfort making it very beneficial during winter months.

Exceptional Triple Glazing Design

Homebrite is proud to offer the finest and most up-to-date triple glazing technology. A 6 chambered profile provides exceptional insulation and is 100 % lead free making it highly sustainable.
Our Eco Energy Plus windows and doors are especially designed to include triple glazing, allowing you to benefit from increased sound proofing, added security and superior energy efficiency.

Our triple glazing is specifically designed with flatter glazing beads to accommodate a 36mm unit. This allows a continuously tight seal and fit making it an excellent option for your home.

5 Star Guarantee

We offer an ERA 5 star guarantee with every triple glazing unit. This guarantee provides you with £5000 worth of benefits in the unlikely event of a break-in.